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We <3 Johnny!

Love Johnny!

Johnny Depp
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This is a community dedicated to the talented, wonderful, handsome, sweet, caring, funny, crazy, sexy, and all around great actor Johnny Depp. I understand how many millions, or hundreds, of Johnny Depp communities there are out there. And not once did I think about the possibility of someone finding this little piece of my love and devotion. *swoon*

As of now, since this is a rather new community, the rules shall be minimal. If I see something that catches my eye that I dislike, you will know about it. Other than that I'm pretty easy going and I don't get in the way of things. I'd love it if you wouldn't:
1. Cut others down.
2. Swear too much
3. Be disrespectful

See? Not that much.

I am also the maintainer and founder of the community potclove. If you happen to have a chance, please go there and check it out. =D That is...IF you are a true Johnny Depp fan.

Maintainer: gods_debris